Page 6 - The Get Her Back (Christopher Canwell) : Flip It & Read It
P. 6

I completely understand
                                                         these fears because I’ve
                                                         seen this happen more
                                                         times than I care to

                                                         remember, and every
                                                         time it happens it’s just
                                                         as painful.

                                                         If you keep reading,
        however, I promise I can show you how to avoid such a devastating situation from
        ever happening in your own life.


                                                         Imagine what it would
                                                         be like to hold hands
                                                         with your ex girlfriend
                                                         one more time, to touch
                                                         her face and make her
                                                         smile, to feel her in your

                                                         arms again.

        That, my friend, is the place I want to take you to.

        Okay, I know, I know. Right now, at this very moment your ex girlfriend is probably

        acting in a very unpredictable way. She might even be acting moody, bitchy and
        disrespectful towards you. In other words, she’s about as far from affectionate as
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