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                                                         Before you even
                                                         consider using the Get
                                                         Her Back (Action Plan)...

                                                         it’s important that you
                                                         ask yourself the
                                                         following questions, and
                                                         please be honest with


        1) Do you desire to be with your ex girlfriend more than any other girl you’ve ever

        2) Have you ever considered getting married to this girl and settling down and

        having kids with her? (This is a strong sign that this girl is a great match for you.)

        3) Do you really want to get to know this girl so you can be close to her like no
        other person in her life? And I’m not just talking about intimacy here. Although, of

        course, making love to your girlfriend is de nitely something you deserve to enjoy
        together. I’m talking about getting so close to your girlfriend that she only has
        eyes for you and desires only you?

        If you answered yes to all these questions, then the Get Her Back (Action Plan) will
        de nitely be able to help you get your ex girlfriend back.
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